David Ortiz upset over ‘crazy rumors’ after his tragedy, wants to set the record straight in an exclusive interview

BOSTON, MA- On Monday, David Ortiz sat down with select members of the media to discuss his early summer tragedy in which he was shot in his home country of the Dominican Republic. During the interview with many well known and well respected reporters, Ortiz joked but also confronted some serious issues he had when dealing with his well known tragedy.

“I call this being at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Ortiz, shown thanking reporters at the end of the interview for their lack of ‘gossiping’ storylines during his crucial time of recovery after the shooting. Big Papi was seen very disgruntled about the rumors that had been circulating through various forms of media after he was shot.

“Back in my country, people want results right away… they want to see the result. Then, there’s this media back home that have zero credibility, they just want followers and likes. And they feel like the only way to do that is to create gossip and attention and then they get what they want.”


Papi expressed that he is grateful to be put in a situation to talk to the media, to tell them what really happened.

“It seems like everything got out of control. People start[ed] making stories that I was being chased by a car, I got shot because of a woman. All of these crazy stories that I was like ‘woah, woah, woah’ [during the time]”

Ortiz stated that he did not speak to the media at first for many reasons, one being that he had a problem dealing with himself. The main reason being that Big Papi was trying to recover after three surgeries performed, just to help him survive.

Ortiz ended the interview by saying:

“the more people do not see you, the more stories they make up… the truth is the truth, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Still unsure on the totality of things that happened, Ortiz has hired Ed Davis, a former Boston police commissioner to get to the bottom of what really happened to him on the night he was shot. Davis is most well known for being the face of the city during the tough times of the Boston marathon bombings in 2013. Ortiz has also hired Davis to provide security protection for him.

Just three months after the tragedy, Big Papi is doing very well on his own right now. Ortiz says that he is “crushing food” and looks forward to spending time with his family. Just last week Ortiz made his first public appearance at Fenway park as he threw out the first pitch before a regular season Red Sox game.

“When I came to Fenway to throw the first pitch, I was a little nervous at the beginning. But once I walked into the stadium and started saying hi to everybody and see the reception from my ex-teammates and guys, there’s nothing but shared love and experience with them,” he said. “Walking onto the field and watching how everybody embraced me, it was a great feeling.”

The full interview can be viewed here (via Boston 25 news).

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