Worcester Red Sox Look to Begin A New Era, Unveil New Logos

WORCESTER, MA- The Red Sox triple-A affiliate Pawtucket Red Sox unveiled their new brand last Monday, entering a new era as the Worcester Red Sox.

The team broadcasted the big reveal live on NESN, promoting it on their newly created Twitter account, @WooSox.

Starting in the 2021 season, the Pawtucket Red Sox will transition to their new brand and new ballpark known as Polar Park located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Polar Park will seat roughly the same amount of fans (10,100) as their current park, McCoy Field (10,031).

The PawSox will move just 45 minutes north to Worcester after the 2020 season. A bittersweet moment in the franchise’s history, Worcester seems to be ready for the new transition.

“This is not the beginning of the end. This is the end of the beginning,” said Red Sox chairman Larry Luchino. The CEO added that the team is looking forward to “a hell of a ride with Worcester.”

The Red Sox, “WooSox” for short, added a clever phrase for the new era. The new triple-a Red Sox slogan will be “Who beats the WooSox?” The logo serves as a fun and energetic emblem for the new team. With a bright yellow smiley face wearing red socks, a red hat, swinging a bat engraved with a W, the logo is recognizable and completely awesome.

The smiley face mascot is named “Smiley ball” in tribute to a Worcester native who came up with the emoji-like face. The swing of “Smiley ball” is meant to represent the swing of Boston Red Sox icons Ted Williams and David Ortiz.

The W logo, which will be represented on most of the team’s hats, features a heart in the middle to represent the Worcester “heart of the commonwealth” motto. The beloved PawSox will move from Rhode Island to Massachusetts, into their new stadium as the Worcester Woo Sox.

The $100 million new stadium, Polar Park will be placed in Kelley Square, in the midst of downtown Worcester. The stadium will feature a yellow-painted light post from downtown Worcester to mark as the foul pole in left field and train tracks to follow. The train tracks running behind the outfield wall will give the ballpark an urban feel. The new stadium will not have a Green Monster replica in left field but will incorporate other features unique to the site.

The new stadium, new logo, and new team name serve as the beginning of a new era in the Red Sox minor league system. Excitement is certainly in the air.

Combined article written by Jordan Haddock and Jordan Moore. [Thumbnail photo via Worcester Red Sox]

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