Are the Ravens Using Bluetooth to Cheat?

Hold up. Could the Ravens be cheating?

During the Ravens/Browns game this past Sunday, a man that has been identified as Ravens’ personnel was noticeable behind head coach John Harbaugh. The man, identified as Darren Sanders, Ravens Senior Director of Security was pictured on the CBS broadcast.

Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy had the tweet first, asking NFL analyst Michael Lombardi if Bluetooth earpieces are allowed on NFL sidelines. As the rule is unclear in the NFL rulebook as to if Bluetooth earpieces are allowed or not. Last week, I published an article showing the clear 360 degree views that the Ravens were using during their home games at M&T Bank Stadium. Why would the director of security be directly behind the head coach during a game? Could the security director be relaying some sort of signs to the Ravens?


One time is a mistake, the next time it becomes a pattern. Cheating or not, isn’t it ironic that this, nor the 360-degree view showing the Ravens filming opponents sidelines are getting much media attention?

Is it because the Ravens aren’t from Foxboro, Massachusetts? Is it because the rest of the NFL turns a blind eye if it isn’t involving the Patriots? I’m not saying this is 100% cheating but it’s amazing to see the lack of attention from the NFL media when it comes to other teams other than the Patriots. Not so funny when it’s your team accused of some bogus cheating scandal, huh?


More evidence of the Baltimore Ravens cheating:

[Article published by Jordan Moore & Jordan Haddock]


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