AUDIO: Wicked Take Podcast E24- Film Gate w/ Max Lederman

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Wicked Take Boston Sports podcast episode 24. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND RATE THIS PODCAST! Hosts Jordan Moore (@iJordanMoore) James Gatlin (@JamieGatlin1217) talk Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, and a little Red Sox, along with a special interview with Max Lederman (@Max_Lederman) who covers the Celtics for NBC Sports Boston!  First, we talk about the Patriots newest scandal, the typical Patriots seasonal cycle that occurs each year, Bengals recap, how the offense looked, how the defensive side of the ball is stellar, how the Bills will be a tough matchup for the Patriots, predictions for the rest of the season (2:30), the Bruins and what they need to do to get back on track, why do they keep going on hot and cold streaks, still a lot of hockey left (14:54), the Celtics and what needs to happen for them to be successful, how they are still one of the best in the East, the biggest surprises and downfalls (20:10), a then a special interview with Max Lederman, he adds his opinions and his insight on this 2019 Celtics team (23:00), then we end it with some Red Sox talk, how Brock Holt could go to the Yankees and we will have to hate him, if Mookie is going to be traded then let’s get on with it, and their new not so stellar acquisitions (38:25). Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @WickedTake for all things Boston sports with news, podcasts, articles, giveaways and more!

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What is the “Wicked Take?”

Boston’s most beloved sports podcast covering all things Boston, the city of champions in a bold and satirical manner. Everything Bruins, Celtics, Patriots & Red Sox! Hosted by Jordan Moore, Victoria Diamond, James Gatlin, and Jordan Haddock. Stay tuned weekly for analysis, creative segments, special interviews, hot takes, wicked takes and wicked hot takes. Follow us, the best Boston sports account on Twitter & Instagram- @WickedTake. Est. 2019.


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